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Post function to assign the issue to a user within a specified role when a field of issue matches 

Assign to a user in a project role, based on a field of issue post function assigns issue to a user within the specified role automatically, if your selected field matches the value entered.
For instance, you can define a post function to assign issues automatically to the Escalated users project role within the transition Start Progress, if the priority of the issue is critical.

To add Assign to a user in a role validator, go to the transition of your workflow, switch to Post Functions tab and click on Add post function link.

Select JEP - Assign issue to a role, according to a field of issue post function and click Add button

Just select the project role that the issue will be assigned to, select a field and enter the matching string. If the value of the field matches with the value you defined the issue will be assigned to a user in the project role.

Click in Add button and that's it


Please bear in mind that if you use this post function within Create Issue Transition, post function should be placed right after Creates the issue originally. statement. 

Do not forget to publish the workflow!

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