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When creating issues via UI (Create Button), the time to SLA field is showing up. But the same is not happening when we create issues via email.

Steps To Reproduce :

  1. Create a issue via "Email"
  2. Time to SLA field is not populated in either issue's main view or the issue navigator
  3. We are able to see "Time to SLA" field when
    1. the issue gets updated
    2. we run SLA Generation for existing issues

Also, when fields (which are used in JQL) are updated through workflow transitions, the same problem can be seen.


SLAs with additional JQL are having such problem. Since indexing has not been finished at that moment, plugin can not figure out that the issue is appropriate for the SLA.


JIRA raises "issue created" event which is listened by TTS plugin. When TTS catch the event (issue created), it runs JQL so that checks whether the issue has run into an SLA.

However, JIRA did not indexed the issue yet. Because of unfinished reindexing, JQL results with mismatch. And TTS does not start SLA.

After clearing the JQL in SLA definition, the problem should gone away.


At the moment, there's nothing we can do. The only solution is to clear JQL for those SLAs which are run via email.

We are still trying some workarounds which will not have performance overhead.