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You can add multiple asset custom fields to any screen you want for JIRA and JIRA Service Desk. And you can filter its content by asset type(s).

It is possible to create a custom field for IT by filtering IT forms and also it is possible to create another asset custom field for Human Resources by selecting forms for HR. 


View Issue Screen

View Issue Screen - Asset detail popup

View Issue Screen - Inline edit asset custom field

Create/Edit Issue Screen - filtering, searching and multiple values are supported

Searching for assets and displaying selected assets - Supports Service Desk and Jira

Search assets for Asset custom field

Searching for any field, filtering with asset types and filtering current user's related assets are supported.

List selected assets

JIRA Service Desk Customer Portal

Create customer ticket

Asset custom field supports JIRA Service Desk customer portal. It is a searchable auto-complete and a multi-select field.

View customer ticket

Asset custom field shows details of the selected assets on JIRA Service Desk customer portal request view screen.

Info button opens the list of selected assets with all attributes.

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