Asset related objects for generic groovy script post function

Generic post function injects Issue's asset custom fields to the post function context as List<AssetCustomFieldAndValue> with the name assetCustomFieldAndValueList. See examples.


Represents one custom field and values.

Class fieldDescription
assetCustomFieldSee AssetCustomField class on this page below.

Gives assets of custom field of the current transition. It's type is List<JipInventory>. See common object types.


Gives assets of custom field of before transition. It's type is List<JipInventory>. See common object types.

package inventoryplugin.workflow.function.genericscript.dto;

import inventoryplugin.entity.JipInventory;
import java.util.List;

public class AssetCustomFieldAndValue {

    AssetCustomField assetCustomField;
    List<JipInventory> assetList;
    List<JipInventory> originalAssetList;

    public AssetCustomField getAssetCustomField() {
        return assetCustomField;

    public void setAssetCustomField(AssetCustomField assetCustomField) {
        this.assetCustomField = assetCustomField;

    public List<JipInventory> getAssetList() {
        return assetList;

    public void setAssetList(List<JipInventory> assetList) {
        this.assetList = assetList;

    public List<JipInventory> getOriginalAssetList() {
        return originalAssetList;

    public void setOriginalAssetList(List<JipInventory> originalAssetList) {
        this.originalAssetList = originalAssetList;


Holds simple information of the asset custom field.

Class fieldDescription
idNumeric custom field id, i.e 11002

String version of custom field id, i.e "customfield_11002"


Original name of the field

translatedFieldNameTranslated name of the custom field. It is translated by the current user language preferences.

package inventoryplugin.workflow.function.genericscript.dto;

import com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields.CustomField;

public class AssetCustomField {

    private Long id;
    private String customFieldId;
    private String fieldName;
    private String translatedFieldName;

    public AssetCustomField() {

    public AssetCustomField(CustomField customField) { = customField.getIdAsLong();
        this.customFieldId = customField.getId();
        this.fieldName = customField.getUntranslatedName();
        this.translatedFieldName = customField.getFieldName();

    public Long getId() {
        return id;

    public void setId(Long id) { = id;

    public String getCustomFieldId() {
        return customFieldId;

    public void setCustomFieldId(String customFieldId) {
        this.customFieldId = customFieldId;

    public String getFieldName() {
        return fieldName;

    public void setFieldName(String fieldName) {
        this.fieldName = fieldName;

    public String getTranslatedFieldName() {
        return translatedFieldName;

    public void setTranslatedFieldName(String translatedFieldName) {
        this.translatedFieldName = translatedFieldName;