How to move a user attribute to a user system field

Let's say you are using a Jira User Picker attribute as assignee. With the AIP v7.0 assignee field is a default system field of assets. So you can move your assignee which is defined in a Jira User Picker to assignee system field.

In this article we are going to explain how you can move your 'assignee' attribute to assignee system field.

The new way of defining assignee

There is two way to decide which assets will be updated.

First selecting assets with checkboxes and performing Update Selected operation from Bulk operations menu.

Second selecting assets with filter and performing Update All operation from Bulk operations menu.

After the decide which assets will be updated, you should select Assignee(system) from pop-up which shown then press continue.

At the first step we are going to decide which fields will be updated.


At the second step By another User attribute and Jira User Picker(Assignee) should be selected.

Also you can select By another Text attribute if you are keeping your assignee data in a text attribute.

At this step we are going to decide which data will be moved to field which is selected at first step.

In our example we want to move Jira User Picker(Assignee) to Assignee (system) field.

At the third step, you should press update to update selected assets with your configuration.

Then it is time to see update process on Bulk operations status pop-up

When process is completed we can see our Jira User Picker(Assignee) field is moved to Assignee(system) field. 


 If your text attribute value is not a valid Jira username or user key, it will be ignored.