System Fields

System fields are ready core system fields that come with the app. Unlike attributes you do not need to define them, just enable or disable if you wish to use them or not.

You can define a System Fields Scheme for your Asset Types or Asset Type Schemes to configure the enabled system fields.

Enabled system fields are displayed on the right column of the asset.

Adding System Fields Schemes

Click on the "Create system field scheme" button and select the fields to enable. Please see System Fields Schemes for more details.

Assign System Field Scheme to an Asset Type Scheme or an Asset Type

You can assign a System Field Scheme to an Asset Type Scheme or an Asset Type.

  • If no System Field assigned to the Asset Type Scheme, the Default System Field Scheme will be active for that Asset Type Scheme. 
  • If no System Field assigned to the Asset Type, parent of that Asset Type (Asset Type Scheme) will be active for that Asset Type.

You can view and edit your Default System Field Scheme in Assets > Settings > System Fields Schemes

Click Configure to assign System Field Scheme

Select one of your System Field Scheme and click Assign selected scheme

All System Fields

System Field NameType
Status and Substatus(see table below)
AssigneeJira User


Jira User
Managed byJira User
Reserved forJira User
Belongs to groupJira Group
QuantityNumber Long (without decimals)
Asset tagText
Serial NumberText
LocationLocation (Please see Locations)
Install DateDate
CostNumber Float (with decimals)
Invoice NumberText

Status ValueSubstatus Values
In stockAvailable, Reserved, Defective, Pending repair, Pending install, Pending disposal, Pending transfer, Pre-allocated
In use
In transitAvailable, Reserved, Defective, Pending install, Pending disposal, Pre-allocated
On order
In maintenance
MissingLost, Stolen