What's New in AIP 7.1.0


New features and bug fixes (Jira 8.x version)


New features:

  • DB Import: Ability to import/sync assets with external database table, view or sql queries
  • New attributes:
    • Jira Project (single/multiple)
    • Jira Project Components (single/multiple)
    • Jira Project Versions (single/multiple)
    • Organization (Jira Service Management) (single/multiple)
    • Cascade List
    • Encrypted attribute: Saved to db as Encrypted and optionally password protected for viewing
  • Asset Uniqueness: Ability to define unique asset constraints by multiple attribute values - like database unique index
  • Audit Logs moved to settings with search filter options
  • Bulk update: Update text fields with asset name or vice versa
  • IP vs IPv6 attribute sorting by IP range
  • Added "Linked assets" to CSV & HTML export

Several minor improvements and bug fixes