What's New in AIP 7.0.3

Version 7.0.3 introduces new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

You may need to check your current filters or shortcuts if you have wildcard text searches. Please see example table at "New Indexing and Search Algorithm" section.

New features and improvements

  • Indexing and search algorithm changed to WhiteSpace analyzer. Text based searches may be effected, please see docs for more information.
  • Leading wildcard search is added, now you can filter assets with "ends with" query. To find all words ends with ".jpg", you can use i.e: *.jpg
  • New JQL function: assetByField. Now Jira issues can e filtered by any multiple fields of the selected assets 
  • New configuration option added to set asset custom field options to display reporters assets only
  • Location list is sorted by name for asset create/edit screen
  • Asset name is added to search options for custom field and link asset search popup
  • Wildcard search option is added to Text based attribute search
  • Inactive user name is displayed as line-through
  • Added new CSV import option for fetching reference asset types: id, name or both

Bug fixes:

  • UI fix to clear selected attribute after it is added to Asset Type.
  • Filter description is increased to 250 from 50 characters
  • Fixed default selected content type for asset custom field configuration
  • To resolve custom field name conflicts, Internal JQL query fixed to use custom field ID instead of name.
  • Asset names were not displayed when the name has a non-letter character
  • Inactive users are added to asset search options
  • CSV import was failing to locate reference assets when the asset name is numeric only.

New Indexing and Search Algorithm

AIP app used to have customized Lucene's SimpleAnalyzer and now with version 7.0.3 is switching to WhitespaceAnalyzer.

SimpleAnalyzer parses texts and makes each word searchable. While whitespace analyzer only divides the text by whitespaces. So searching is slightly different. For example, for text "AB-CD", search term cd* used to match but now you need to *cd* add a trailing wildcard search character.

More examples:

TextOld version search keywords that match textLatest version (whitespace analyzer)
  • "ab-cd" (must be surrounded by double quotes)
  • ab
  • cd
  • a*
  • c*
  • ab-cd
  • ab*
  • a*
  • *cd* (leading wildcard search is a new feature)
  • cd* (won't match)