What's New in AIP 7.0.0

System Fields

Now you can define a System Fields Scheme for your Asset Types or Asset Type Schemes.
This System Fields are Status, Assignee, Owner, Managed By, Reserved For, Belongs to Group, Quantity, Asset Tag, Serial Number, Location, Install Date, Cost, and Invoice Number. 

You can check-in or check-out an asset.

Now assets can be linked to each other. These links are two-sided.


Graphical View

You can view assets referenced and linked assets visualization on Graphical View.

Bulk Operations

You can bulk edit, bulk check-in, check-out, or bulk delete assets.

Custom Field Configuration

Now you can filter your custom field by Filters.


You can add your Locations on settings and use via System Fields.

Release Notes

  • System Fields
    • Assignee, owner, managed by, reserved for, belongs to group, quantity, asset tag, serial number, install date, location, cost, invoice number
  • Built-in check-in and check-out
  • Generic asset links
  • Bulk operations: bulk update, assign to user, delete, check-in
  • Asset graph (visual representation of asset relations)
  • Custom field content configuration by asset filters
  • Built-in asset locations
  • "Empty" and "Not" search on Asset Navigator