Product Road Map

Main road map topics are listed as below. They are not in order of development.

PLANNED FOR NEXT items are planned for next releases.

  • AIP-248: Auto generated asset name - make asset name optional on create time 
    • With asset ID or with UUID or random string with a static prefix
    • With predefined attribute values. example: (Short-Prefix Company)(Short-Prefix Town/Location)(Short-Prefix Device)(0001)
  • AIP-140: Automation (and notification) module when a field of an asset is created/updated/deleted 
  • AIP-266: Display user's assets on user profile
  • AIP-254: CSV Export/Import - Export for a subset of fields and then able to CSV import without sending the all the fields.
  • AIP-147: Search features
    1. Ability to filter assets with "is linked to an issue"
    2. Ability to filter assets with "is linked to another asset"
    3. Filter assets with linked asset attributes (similar to referencedAsset search function
  • AIP-133: Hide bulk operations with config option
  • AIP-246: Workflow post functions: When an issue created/updated by post-function, add the issue to asset change history.
  • AIP-247: Introduce workflow conditions 
  • AIP-249: Asset reports and gadgets re-engineering
  • AIP-250: Past assets of a user (according to the assignee system field)
  • Attributes
    • AIP-251: Regular Expression validator and default values for attributes
    • AIP-149: Cardinality for attributes: Minimum and maximum selectable value limitations for multiple select assets.
    • AIP-235: Adding group based permission for Encrypted Fields.
  • Asset Custom Field
    • AIP-251: Read-only asset custom-field option for JSM.
    • AIP-146: Calculated CF to list reporter's assets - with customer portal support
    • AIP-237: Ability to configure attribute for CF content (combo options). Now asset id, type and scheme is displayed.
  • AIP-154: Excel Import: Support delimiters other than comma
  • AIP-128: HTML export with images
  • AIP-216: Excel Import: Ability to escape comma in CSV import. (Some multi-values may contain comma)
  • AIP-244: Excel Import: Support for importing linked assets
  • AIP-255: Introduce pack of assets concept: For example: Pack of assets contains 100 iPhones and a new asset can be created with base fields, then user can fill serial number, etc. New asset is linked to pack and pack quantity is reduced 
  • AIP-256: New confluence plugin: Displaying asset filter results on confluence
  • AIP-257: Asset Import: Fetching assets from Rest Services
  • AIP-258: Asset Import: Fetching assets from Active Directory
  • AIP-259: Comment module for assets
  • AIP-260: Checklist module for assets
  • AIP-261: Image/Avatar/Icon feature for asset and asset types
  • AIP-262: When changing multi-value attribute option value, assets should be updated. This should apply to ListBox, Dropdown, Multiple listBox, CheckBox, Radio attribute types. 
  • AIP-131: Move assets to another type with an attribute matching page.
  • AIP-263: Ability to select which columns to display in the Asset Navigator List view search results
  • AIP-264: Tempo integration
  • AIP-267: EazyBI integration
  • AIP-265: Asset reservation module
    1. Able to reserve an asset in advance
    2. Prevent multiple reservations in the same time-frame
    3. Automatically assign the assets on reservation start date
    4. Automatically return the asset to stock on reservation end date
  • AIP-240: "Asset Trash Bin" feature: to avoid direct, unrecoverable deletion of assets. 2 new permission options will be added: "Move to trash", "Recover from trash".
  • AIP-139: New AQL (Asset Query Language) to search for assets in Advanced Search Mode (like Jira JQL)
  • AIP-159: Rollback to initial data - delete whole app's data and turn back to fresh install.
  • AIP-268: Optionally display URLs as hyperlink for text-area field
  • AIP-269: Prevent changing attribute type on edit page
  • AIP-269: Summarised Content config option for Email subscriptions
  • AIP-271: Sort Cascading Dropdown options manually or automatically
  • AIP-272: Markup support for Text Area attribute 

Known Bugs

  1. When an multi-list attribute option is changed, those assets lose the previous attribute values