Defining attributes

Here you can create your own attributes that will take place within your Assets forms. Attributes are like lego items which you can combine to create your own assets forms.

Please bear in mind that you can automatically create most-used attributes and assets forms by importing our built-in schemes.

Please see Creating scheme(s) which come out-of-box for details.

To define attributes from scratch or add another attribute to your attributes pool, first, log in to JIRA, and use AIP Menu > Attributes menu item.

Give a name to your attribute. Enter a short phrase that best describes your new attribute. To reuse the attribute, try to choose a generic name. Then choose a type (textbox, select, multiselect, radio, etc..). You can see all attribute types in the latter section of this page.

For instance if you are defining an "Organisation" listbox attribute with Software Department, System Department and Customer Care values, select "List Box" as attribute type and add values for the list box.

After defining the attribute, all attributes defined so far, will be listed as below.

You can edit/delete any attribute in this list. 

Here are built-in attribute types that you can define attributes from :

  • DropdownList: Simple dropdown
  • ListBox: Same as DropdownList
  • ListBoxMultiple: List box with multiple select options
  • Text: Free text box
  • TextArea: Free text area
  • RadioButtonList: Radio button
  • CheckboxList: Checkbox
  • DatePicker: Date picker
  • DatetimePicker: Date and time picker
  • UserPicker: JIRA User picker
  • InventoryList: Asset picker (with search box of all assets)
  • InventoryListByForm: Asset picker by form(s) (with search box of assets by selected form/forms e.g : only assets of Servers and Personal Computers)
  • IP: Text field with IP mask
  • IPv6: Text field with IP version 6 mask
  • URL:Text field with URL mask