To configure Assets and Inventory Plugin, log in to JIRA with admin privileges, and use AIP Menu > Configuration menu item. Under this page you can set permissions and other items.


Permissions have 3 options to set:

  • All logged in users: Any JIRA user will have the permission.
  • Users with admin role: Any JIRA admin user will have the permission.
  • Users in defined group: Any user in the given group name will have the permission. It is a good practice to manage permissions with a group instead of individual user access.

Below, you can find the permissions to set:

  • Access for menu permission: Assets and Inventory Plugin Menu will be visible to the selected option
  • View Assets Report permission: Assets Report (read only) will be accessable for the selected option
  • Manage Attributes permission: Attribute functions including view, add, delete or update will be given to selected option
  • Manage Assets permission: Assets functions including view, add, delete or update will be given to selected option
  • Import and export permission: Import and Export functions will be given to selected option. Import Scheme is a destructive operation, consider giving this permission to JIRA or Asset administrator.

Other Configuration Items

Unique behaviour for Asset Names:

You can choose one of the options below. It is a good practice to choose "Do Not Allow" to track the Assets easier. 

  • Allow same asset names
  • Allow only for differen forms
  • Do Not Allow

Excel export

You can set how you would like to see inventory field in issue navigator and excel: "Only Asset Names" or "Detailed With Attributes"

Datetime formats

Custom Field Configuration

Please see Create and configure asset custom fields page.