Fixing Index Error: "Can not search: Exception occurred while getting searcher".

For some environments, Assets and Inventory (AIP )app fails to initialize the Lucene index and "Can not search: Exception occurred while getting searcher" error is shown at Asset Navigator. 

Make sure Asset app is compatible with correct Jira Version.

  • AIP 6.x version is for Jira 8.x
  • AIP 5.x version is for Jira 7.x


First Solution:

Re-build AIP index with "Delete all indexes and rebuild" option. 

  • Open "Settings" top menu near the Asset Navigator
  • Click "Indexing" from left menu
  • Click "Delete all indexes and rebuild" radio option
  • Press re-index 

Observe the progress, when it is finished browse to Asset Navigator, if assets are displayed without error, problem is fixed.  If this does not solve the problem, try "Second Solution".

Second Solution:

Uninstall the AIP app,  delete files under JIRA_HOME/assetsAndInventoryIndex directory and install it again. Browse to Asset Navigator to check assets.

Please contact with support if you need assistance.