Check-out and Check-in Feature Configuration

Assets And Inventory add-on is very highly customizable like JIRA and when you install it, you won't see a check-out and check-in feature out of the box, but there is a configuration solution;

  • Define a 'Assigned user' attribute (field).
    • if all the customers are JIRA users select 'UserPicker' type for the 'Assigned user' attribute 
    • if customers are not JIRA users, select 'Text' for a free text field
  • Define 'Sign-out date' and 'Rreturn date' attributes with DatePicker 
  • Define 'In Use' attribute with RadioButtonList (Yes/No)
  • Add the 4 attributes to the forms you wish to track
  • When an item needs to be cheked-out, set the fields as;
    • In Use = true
    • Assigned User = John Smith 
    • Sign-out date = 2018/7/5
    • Return date = empty
  • When an item needs to be cheked-in, set the fields as;
    • In Use = false
    • Assigned User = empty 
    • Sign-out date = empty
    • Return date = 2018/7/5
  • You will be able to track all the changes in Asset History audit logs.