How to open CSV files properly on Microsoft Excel

For Windows

1. Open your downloaded file.

2. If your Date fields format don't match your Jira date or date-time format, right-click that column and click "Format Cells"

3. Select "Custom" and type your date or date-time format according to your attribute type. Then click "OK"
(You can check your Jira date and date-time format in "Import Assets from CSV" page or "General Configuration" Page)

4. If your Number fields are incorrect, right-click that column and click Format Cells

5. Select "Custom" and select "0". Then click "OK" 

For macOS

1. Open a new blank workbook in Microsoft Excel.
2. Select the A1 cell.
3. Click Data > From Text

4. Select your file and click "Get Data"

5. Select "Delimited" and "UTF-8" for File Origin. Then click "Next"

6. Select "Comma" for Delimiter. Then click "Next"

7. On the bottom table, select all columns and click "Text". Then click "Finish"

8. Click "OK"