Asset Uniqueness

Provide uniqueness to assets based on attribute values. Asset Uniqueness can be defined for asset types.

Asset Uniqueness works during asset creation and asset updates. Asset Uniqueness prepares a search query for each definition and executes these queries individually.

If the number of found asset count is more than "Asset Limit" a warning message will be shown on the screen. 

Form NameDescription
Definition NameDefine a specific name for definition

Select the attribute that uniqueness dependent on. Select multiple attributes for AND search.


Assume that Asset Type is Computer and Serial Number, Status, City attributes are selected.

Serial NumberSN2321621

Asset Type = Computer AND Serial Number = SN2321621 AND Status = In Stock AND City = Istanbul

StatusIn Stock
Asset LimitNumber of asset occurrence that has the same attribute values with edited/created asset
Allow Empty ValueDecide whether a query should be prepared for empty values

Assume that two Asset Uniqueness definition has been made for asset type Computer.

Assume that the asset that we want to create contains attributes below

Example 1:

IP v1192.168.1.1
Serial NumberSN12356

Two different query will be prepared and executed by Asset Uniqueness

65Asset Type = Computer AND IP v1 = AND IPv6 = 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334 AND Location = Istanbul
64Asset Type = Computer AND Serial Number = SN12356

If one asset exists in  Computer type with the Serial Number SN123456 warning message will be shown.

Example 2:

IP v1192.168.1.1
Serial Number

When Allow Empty Value is checked empty attributes will not be considered.

65Asset Type = Computer AND IP v1 = AND Location = Istanbul
64This query is not prepared because allow empty value ​​is checked and the attribute value is empty.

Asset Uniqueness can be defined by following steps below;

1 - Click Asset Type Schemes

2 - Select an Asset Type Scheme

3 - Click Configure

4 - Select an Asset Type

5 - Click Asset Type Configuration

6 - Click Define asset uniqueness

7 - Click the Create New Asset Uniqueness button

8 - Click Save