Attributes for Asset Types

Click Attributes on Asset Types Schemes Page. All attributes will be listed.

Create, Edit and Delete operations can be performed

Attributes are global, which means updating or deleting it will affect all the asset types having this attribute.

It is recommended not to change Multi-value attribute options if they are used in an asset.

Any change to the attribute needs asset re-index. 

Here are built-in attribute types that you can define attributes for the Asset Types :

Attribute NameDescription
DropdownListSimple dropdown
ListBoxSame as DropdownList
ListBoxMultipleList box with multiple select options
TextFree text box
TextAreaFree text area for multiple lines

Number Float (with decimals)

Example: 12.34

Number Long (without decimals)

Example: 12
RadioButtonListRadio button: User can select only one option. Better when the number of options is limited. If there are many options use ListBox instead.
CheckboxListCheck box list: User can select multiple options. Better when the number of options is limited. If there are many options use ListBoxMultiple instead. 
DatePickerDate picker
DatetimePickerDate piker with time
UserPickerJira user searchable select field. One user can be selected. Any other value (non-Jira user name) is allowed to enter.
Jira Single User SelectSingle Jira user select box. Alternative text is not permitted. 
Jira Multiple Users SelectMultiple Jira users select box. Alternative text is not permitted. 
InventoryListAsset picker (with search box of all assets)
InventoryListByFormAsset picker by form(s) (with search box of assets by selected form/forms e.g : only assets of Servers and Personal Computers)
IPText field with IP mask
IPv6Text field with IP version 6 mask


Text field with URL mask