Asset Type Schemes

Asset Type Schemes lets you organize and group similar assets. Soon, notification and permissions will be released for Asset Type Schemes.

Create First Asset Type Scheme

  • Open "Asset Type Schemes" from top "Assets and Inventory" menu.
    • Click "Create new asset type scheme" to create an empty scheme
    • Click "Create sample asset type scheme" to create from pre-defined sample Asset Types
  • Give a name and description. And submit to create.
Asset Type Schemes

Create Empty Scheme

Create Scheme From Templates

Configure First Asset Type Scheme

Click Configure button on Asset Type Schemes page. Configuration page will be loaded.

Create new Asset Type

Click "Create new asset type" button to add new Asset Type. If you select Clone from other asset type, all attributes will be copied to the new Asset type.

Let's create an empty Laptops asset type. It has no attributes.

3 ways to add an attribute:

1. Select an attribute from dropdown list, check or uncheck Required option and click "Add selected Attribute"

2. Click "Not on list, create an attribute quickly and add to Asset Type"

3. Click "Open attributes on popup to select from list"

Asset Type Operations

Following operations are supported

  • Drag and drop attributes to re-order them.
  • Delete an attribute from asset type
  • Set required of an attribute
  • Rename asset type (re-index is required)
  • Delete asset type 

Move asset types

You can move assets types from one Scheme to another. Make sure you re-index after moving.