Getting e-mail notifications when warranties are due to expire

In this example, we have a "License" asset type and it has a "Subscription end" date attribute. We want to get notifications 2 days before the license subscriptions ends. In a real case this can be 60 days (smile) . Steps are:

  • We will make search in Asset Navigator with relative (dynamic) date value
  • Save it as filter
  • Subscribe to the filter to get notifications

Search for target asset

License asset type has the following example called "Confluence Server License". We are only interested in the "Subscription end" date attribute.

Go to Asset navigator and select "Subscription end" date attribute from "More fields" dropdown.

A new popup will appear automatically. Select Range and Relative options and write 2d to the End input. "2d" is a dynamic value, it is equal to 2 days later when this search is executed. So every time it is executed it will have a value depends on the current date. We left Start empty, so any record from the past will match.

Add "License" to the Asset type filter. Now our filters would look like this:

Asset filter

No we save this search as an asset filter. Click "Save as" and give a name, for example "Subscription is ending in 2 days".

Subscribe to an Asset Filter

Click "Details" button. 

Click "Subscribe" button.

Select "Recipient groups". Please note that: members of the shared groups will only receive the assets matching browse asset permission configuration.

Configure a Schedule. Maybe daily is a nice option.

You can also find the Asset filter under Filters.

You can also mange Subscriptions under Filters.

Subscription will be executed at the Scheduled times and list of assets will be send to Recipients.