Searching and JQL Functions

Asset related issues can be searched via the "Assets" custom field or by handy AIP JQL functions.

Searching via custom field

Searching via custom field is as simple as any field in JIRA. In issue navigator, type custom field name (by default it is Assets) and use generic text search. Text search is not case sensitive.

Example JQLDescription

Assets ~ Laptop

Asets name like Laptop. Laptop2, MyLaptop or MyLaptop2 matches
Assets ~ 'My Laptop'You must enclose spaces or special characters in a string
Assets is not EMPTYIssues with Asset custom field has a value
Assets ~ '#55'Searches for Asset ID

JQL functions

assetByField("FIELD_NAME", "FIELD_VALUE", ...)

Introduced in version 7.0.3

Assets and Inventory Plugin supports to filter issued with the selected assets' field values.

It exactly works like referenceAsset, please see Search functions for details, just replace the referenceAsset with assetByField

Field names are case sensitive.

Example for referenceAsset search functionExample for assetByField JQL function
referenceAsset("asset.assetTag", "\"marla singer\"")assetByField("asset.assetTag", "\"marla singer\"")

A few examples here:


issue in assetByField("Object Approvers", "mdavis-sd-demo")

Find the issues that have assets with "Object Approvers" field is mdavis-sd-demo value. Here mdavis-sd-demo is the user name

issue in assetByField("Object Owner", "tyler@@@marla")

Find the issues that have assets with "Object Owner" field is tyler or marla user names. User key will work also.

issue in assetByField("asset.status", "In stock", "asset.substatus", "Defective")

Find the issues that have assets with "Status" system field is "In Stock" and "Substatus" system field is "Defective". These values must be English value of the field.

You can find examples for all other field types at  Search functions documentation, just remember to replace the referenceAsset with assetByField.

Filtering asset with for all possible attribute types and system fields 

It is possbile to add multiple values and for an extreme example we can add all possible field types in one go:

issue in assetByField("asset.status", "In Transit",
"asset.substatus", "Defective", 
"asset.assignee", "jevans-sd-demo",
"asset.owner", "mdavis-sd-demo",
"asset.managedBy", "jevans-sd-demo",
"asset.belongsToGroup", "jira-users@@@aaaa@@@jira-developers",
"asset.quantity", "100@@@101",
"asset.assetTag", "\"my asset tag\"",
"asset.serialNumber", "\"my serial 101\"",
"asset.installDate", "2020-03-27@@@2020-03-29",
"asset.location", "2",
"asset.cost", "99@@@101",
"asset.costCurrency", "EUR",
"asset.invoiceNumber", "\"my invoice\"",
"asset.created", "2019-07-05T13:23",
"asset.createdBy", "admin",
"asset.updated", "2020-06-18T17:11@@@2020-06-18T17:22",
"asset.updatedBy", "admin",
"Asset List", "#197",
"Asset List by Asset Types", "#227",
"Checkbox", "Ada@@@NOTHING@@@Bal",
"Date Picker", "2019-07-05",
"Date Time Picker", "2019-07-04T00:00@@@2019-07-06T00:00",
"Dropdown list", "Ada@@@NOTHING@@@Bal",
"IP v1", "\"\"",
"IPv6", "\"2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334\"",
"Jira User Picker", "tolga",
"Jira User", "marla@@@NOTHING",
"Jira Users" , "tyler@@@NOTHING",
"List Box", "Mer@@@ABC_NOTHING@@@Ada",
"List Box - Multiple", "Mer@@@ABC_NOTHING@@@Izm",
"Number Float", "11.5@@@15.5",
"Number Long", "12",
"Radio Button", "Bal",
"Text", "\"b4 sample data from summary\"",
"TextArea", "sa*",
"URL", "\"\""

The JQL function filters following asset: Issue search screen


As of now, there are three JQL functions bundled with Assets and Inventory Plugin.

Here are some samples 

issue in inventoryByAttribute("Memory", "8 GB")
issue in inventoryByAttributeIgnoreCase("First Name", "Tyler")
issue in inventoryByUserAttribute("Owner", "tylerdurden")
issue in inventoryByUserAttribute("Owner") // If you do not pass second attribute, logged in user will be used.