Displaying only issue reporter's assets on custom field (Jira and JSM customer portal)

This feature is introduced at AIP v7.0.1.

In this document, we'll limit asset custom field content at Jira and Jira Service Management customer portal. What we are trying to achieve in business terms: Allow Service Management customers to create tickets only against the assets they are assigned.

You can select "Reporter's Asset" option to display only the reporter's assets at Assets > Settings > Custom Field Configurations.


If you need to filter assets with other attributes (not assignee system field) please follow rest of the document.

Asset Type

External Services is an example asset type we'll show. You can use multiple assets at a time.

Permission scheme is very essential; please make sure you have assigned a Permission Scheme to the  "Asset Type Scheme (a group of asset types)" or "Asset Type (one asset type)". And then make sure you have configured "Browse Assets" permission to the SD customers. 

Owners are Jira Multiple Users Select type, you can use the assignee system field if you do not need multiple users for one asset. 

Asset Filter

Make a search and save it as an asset filter.

Select Owners from More fields and click Search with functions and then write $reporter. If the reporter can not be found, the current user is effective.

Save search as Filter:

  • Name: "Reporter is in Owners" (you can change this)
  • System filter: Check this to configure for asset custom field.

Asset Custom Field Configuration

Add asset custom field to Jira Project screens. All Jira and JSM screens are supported (Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management agent screens and  Jira Service Management customer portal). 

Add asset custom field to customer portal request types. Please see Asset custom field for JIRA Service Management customer portal for more information. 

Go to AIP app settings > Custom Fields Configuration, click Configure, select Filters, find Reporter is in Owners and save it.

See in action

We have 4 assets of External Services asset type.

We have just configured the asset custom field to list only reporter's assets.

Example-1: User and reporter is portal agent. Result: no assets.

Example-2: User is a portal agent and reporter is Alana Grant. Result: 3 assets of Alana Grant.

The agent is creating the ticket for Alana with "Raise this request on behalf of" option. And if the user is changed, Asset content is updated dynamically according to the new user.

Search modal also works fine (smile)

Example-3: User is a portal agent and reporter is Ryan Lee. Result: 2 assets of Ryan.

When the agent set Ryan Lee as a reporter, 2 assets of Ryan is displayed.

Example-4: User and reporter is Mitch Davis (not admin, not agent). Result: 2 assets of Mitch.

A customer is logged-in to the customer portal and he only sees his assets.