AIP Pre-releases

This page may contains versions that are not published yet or removed from public releases at Atlassian Marketplace. Please do not use them unless support team suggests so.

You can manually upload these apps with Jira's Manage Apps administration page.

Make sure Asset app is compatible with correct Jira Version.

  • AIP 6.x and above versions are for Jira 8.x
  • AIP 5.x and below versions are for Jira 7.x

FileRelease Notes

New features:

  • Two new attributes are introduced: Multiple and Single user attribute. These new attributes do not allow non-Jira user input.
  • Filtering options with reporter and assignee to configure asset custom field according to users. See Displaying only issue reporter's assets on custom field (Jira and JSD customer portal) for details
  • Added more options to bulk update with other fields. 
  • Added search by username to the rest Rest API - New user system fields was only searchable with user key.
  • Search with reference asset field values are added (it's like SQL's sub-select query for IN statements).
  • Showing search and info buttons for asset custom field is now configurable.